My Boat Ocean Sheep
voices: Mark Harvey & Jay E Moores
Audio by Mark, Flash by Jay

(Captain Sinkwright)
It was downtown Yarn we started on the trip down to the Port of Yarn. I had to get to my boat, I had to get to the boat.

(bird) Eh- I've heard about this boat.

(Captain Sinkwright)
Yeah well the boat's in the water, and the water's... the water's deep, cause I've got a very big boat, and I had to go search for Sleepy Pete the Ocean Sheep.

(bird) Yeah, I've heard about Ocean Sheep.

(Captain Sinkwright)
Well the Ocean Sheep is a guy I had to go see, you know, I had to learn the secret of the, Ocean Sheep. It was about time for me to go, so I packed up my cheese, brought some... brought some cloth.

(bird) I've heard about your cheese cloth, I swear to God I've heard about it.

(Captain Sinkwright)
Sleepy Pete, I love ya.