Haunted Doll House Tarot Deck - Sold Out
Handmade by Internationally Known Blasphemer: J.E.Moores

Small Tarot Deck

This may very well be the world's smallest Tarot deck.

Has all 22 of The Major Arcana.

about 1 inch tall
This tarot deck is under 1 inch tall, see the quarter in the photo just for scale? It is so teeny tiny. It's for people with a big love for the small things in life.
by artist: J.E.Moores
The 22 card deck has a nifty little box that is hand printed as well. The front of box has The Sun, bottom has The Star, back has The Moon, and lid has a Skull. Signed on the side by artist, J.E.Moores and copyright on the back, 2009.
back of cards
The back of the cards are all printed with a blue wavy design.
22 cards in all
The cards are all snuggled up in their box, taking a nap.
hand printed cards and box
Great gift for the little witch on your list! Set up a Haunted Doll House, or Fortune Teller's Doll House. The things one could do with these miniature cards are endless. Just give them to yourself, because you love it and gotta have it! Box contains 22 cards (0-XXI) The Major Arcana:
Major Arcana

0 - The Fool

I - The Magician

II - The High Priestess

III - The Empress

IV - The Emperor

V - The Hierophant

VI - The Lovers

VII - The Chariot

VIII - Strength

IX - The Hermit

X - Wheel of Fortune

XI - Justice

XII - The Hanged Man

XIII - Death

XIV - Temperance

XV - The Devil

XVI - The Tower

XVII - The Star

XVIII - The Moon

XIX - The Sun

XX - Judgement

XXI - The World

Hand Printed Miniature Tarot Deck of 22 cards - Major Arcana - and hand made box signed and dated by artist J.E.Moores - Each deck is printed by hand, no two exactly alike. Here's a photo from the Artist's Studio to show how this Tarot Deck was made:
hand carved printing blocks
Here are the printing blocks hand carved by printer J.E.Moores. One can see the box, cards, and wavy back-of-card block used to make this special art item. Blocks are inked and then printed on acid free Bristol Board, cut and assembled by hand.
Haunted Doll House Tarot

Thanks for checking out my deck. Jay ~

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